Connecting the world to the BITOREUM blockchain

Secure network with ASIC resistant mining algorithm.

Bitoreum Blockchain Enhanced

The best mining and staking blockchain solution

Mine Bitoreum on CPU using ghostrider algorithm:

  • Reward of 5000 BTRM per block
  • 120 second block time
  • POW  for better security
  • No Premine

Deploy smartnodes for >100% of APY returns!

Miners Reward

75% of a block

Bitoreum Miners are being rewarded with 3750 Bitoreum coins on each block they find and mine on the network.


20% of a block

The current Smartnodes revenue per block is 1000 Bitoreum. The payment is being done trough round table process, If the network finds your node available.

Dev Reward

5% of a block

250 Bitoreum coins of each block will be forwarded to the development team in order to maintain the security of the network.

Yearly on the smartnodes

APY >100%

In order to activate the smartnode you need to hold 1,250,000 BTRM coins in your wallet and follow the instructions on the Doc page. Alternatively you can use shared smartnodes services and start to earn even with 10,000 coins


More coming soon 🙂



February, 2022
Idea generation
  • Fork of Raptoreum blockchain.
  • First tests of network functionality.
March, 2022
Deployed full network after several tests
  • Testing and deployment of main network with Network Load Balancer, and seed nodes across the globe.
  • Assigning roles to the team members.
  • Release of the wallet for Windows 64bit, Linux, and Raspberry PI.
April, 2022
Blockchain tools & social media
  • Publishing official website.
  • Initial advertising on social media.
  • Deployment of Bitoreum explorer.
  • Integration with major mining pools.
  • Listing on the first Exchange.
  • Fixed blockchain stability problem.
  • Deploying bot on the Discord server with integrated Bitoreum wallet.
May, 2022
The launch!
  • Release of official Smartnode service where investors can share collateral.
  • Listing on Coin Data Aggregators.
  • Update of the official web-site.
  • Extended version of white paper.
June-August, 2022
In the works
  • Listing on new exchanges.
  • Introduction of Bitoreum Exchange with 0$ listing fee!
  • Development of Android and IOS wallets.
  • Working on Crypto Payment gateway plugin.
September-December, 2022
Our goal!
  • Listing on major exchanges!
  • Launching To The Moon.

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